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Published Online: 23 April 2019
AIP Conference Proceedings 2097, 030041 (2019);
The Reactor of subcritical assembly for molybednum production (SAMOP) needs an instrumentation and control system to ensure it process and operation run well. This work is performed to design a data acquisition system based on LabVIEW FPGA as a part of SAMOP instrumentation and control system. The data acquisition system of SAMOP reactor is designed by implementing NI 9147 module, which consist of NI 9205 analog digital input module and NI 9403 digital output module as parameter acquisition hardware. The data acquisition software was developed using LabVIEW FPGA as data processing. Data acquisition software was developed by utilizing FPGA resource, which has been provided in the NI 9147 module. This data acquisition system can acquire SAMOP parameters i.e. temperature, safety rod position, and neutron detection rate from the FC and CIC detectors. It has been tested by comparing the acquired parameter value in the HMI with the actual values, and the maximum average error was 1.45%.
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