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Neutron Radiation Damage Estimation in the Core Structure Base Metal of RSG GAS

Sigit Asmara Santa, SAS and Suwoto, AW (2017) Neutron Radiation Damage Estimation in the Core Structure Base Metal of RSG GAS. In: International Conference on Nuclear Technologies and Sciences (ICoNETS 2017), 12 Oktober 2017, Makasar - Sulawesi Selatan - Indonesia.

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Abstract Radiation damage in core structure of the Indonesian RGS GAS multi purpose reactor resulting from the reaction of fast and thermal neutrons with core material structure was investigated for the first time after almost 30 years in operation. The aim is to analyze the degradation level of the critical components of the RSG GAS reactor so that the remaining life of its component can be estimated. Evaluation results of critical components remaining life will be used as data ccompleteness for submission of reactor operating permit extension. Material damage analysis due to neutron radiation is performed for the core structure components made of AlMg3 material and bolts reinforcement of core structure made of SUS304. Material damage evaluation was done on Al and Fe as base metal of AlMg3 and SUS304, respectively. Neutron fluences are evaluated based on the assumption that neutron flux calculations of U3Si8-Al equilibrium core which is operated on power rated of 15 MW. Calculation result using SRAC2006 code of CITATION module shows the maximum total neutron flux and flux >0.1 MeV are 2.537E+14 n/cm2/s and 3.376E+13 n/cm2/s, respectively. It was located at CIP core center close to the fuel element. After operating up to the end of #89 core formation, the total neutron fluence and fluence >0.1 MeV were achieved 9.063E+22 and 1.269E+22 n/cm2, respectively. Those are related to material damage of Al and Fe as much as 17.91 and 10.06 dpa, respectively. Referring to the life time of Al-1100 material irradiated in the neutron field with thermal flux/total flux=1.7 which capable of accepting material damage up to 250 dpa, it was concluded that RSG GAS reactor core structure underwent 7.16% of its operating life span. It means that core structure of RSG GAS reactor is still capable to receive the total neutron fluence of 9.637E+22 n/cm2 or fluence >0.1 MeV of 5.672E+22 n/cm2.

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