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Study on The Characteristics of TLD-700H (LiF:Mg, Cu,P) For Eye-Lens Dosimeter

Nazaroh, Nazaroh and C. Tuti, Budiantari (2016) Study on The Characteristics of TLD-700H (LiF:Mg, Cu,P) For Eye-Lens Dosimeter. 2nd International Conference on the Sources, Effects and Risks of Ionizing Radiation (SERIR2). pp. 117-124.


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The method used for testing the characteristics of TLD-700H is based on ISO 12794/2000. According to the Regulation of BAPETEN Head No. 4/2013, monitoring of eye lens dose should be implemented in March 2016 for radiation workers who work in special places such as interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, beam ports, glove box and cardiology and for the work area that requires dose monitoring more intensive for the eye-lens dose of radiation workers. This is due to the change on the recommendation of ICRP No. 103 for radiation dose to the eye-lens, Hp(3). The uniformity of TLD-700H was investigated by irradiating TLD-700H using 90Sr beta source at a dose of 0.34 mSv and was fairly uniform, with a standard deviation of 1.65% (CL: 67%). The response of TLD-700H to the X-ray at W (80) with the variation of angle of incidence was : R()= -0.09432 + 0.4583 + 326.2; r = 0.914. Calibration curves of TLD-700H for X-ray at N(80), N(100) and N(120) are Dm (mSv) = 0.0289 R+ 0.0082 with r = 0.9993, Dm(mSv) = 0.0404 R - 0.0303 with r= 0.9998, and Dm (mSv) = 0.0357 R+ 0.1706 with r = 0.9987 consecutively. The Energy response, R, of TLD-700H at the range of (80, 100 and 120) kV x-ray energy was R = 0.093*(kV)2-20.311 (kV)+1222.2 with r = 0.914. By knowing the characteristics of TLD-700H eye-lens dose monitoring services can be performed so that the eye-lens dose from radiation workers who work in special places as mentioned above can be obtained.

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