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Pelindian Logam Tanah Jarang dari Terak Timah dengan Asam Klorida setelah Proses Fusi Alkali

Trinopiawan, Kurnia and Mubarok, Mohammad Zaki and Mellawati, June and Ani, Budi Yuli (2016) Pelindian Logam Tanah Jarang dari Terak Timah dengan Asam Klorida setelah Proses Fusi Alkali. EKSPLORIUM, 37 (1). pp. 41-50. ISSN e-ISSN 2503-426x p-ISSN 0854-1418

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Tin slag, a waste product from tin smelting process, has a potency to be utilized further by extracting the valuable metals inside, such as rare earth elements(REE). The objective of this study is to determine the optimum leaching condition of REE from tin slag after alkali fusion. Silica structure in slag is causing the direct leaching uneffective. Therefore, pre-treatment step using alkali fusion is required to break the structure of silica and to increase the porosity of slag. Fusion is conducted in 2 hours at 700 oC, with ratio of natrium hidroxide (NaOH) : slag = 2 : 1. Later, frit which is leached by water then leached by chloride acid to dissolve REE. As much as 87,5% of REE is dissolved at 2 M on chloride acid (HCl) concentration, in 40o C temperature, -325 mesh particle size, 15g/100ml of S/L, 150 rpm of agitation speed, and 5 minutes of leaching time.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: terak timah, logam tanah jarang, fusi alkali, pelindian
Subjects: Daur Bahan Bakar Nuklir dan Bahan Maju > Bahan Galian Nuklir > Teknik Pengolahan Bahan Galian Nuklir
Divisions: Pusat Teknologi Bahan Galian Nuklir
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Date Deposited: 04 May 2018 05:29
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