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Power Flow Analysis on RDE Fuel Handling System Using ETAP

Edy Sumarno, ES and Khairul, KH and Kiswanta, KW and Koes Indrakoesoema, KI (2019) Power Flow Analysis on RDE Fuel Handling System Using ETAP. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1198. ISSN 1742-6588

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The research on design development of Nuclear RDE Fuel Handling System is to get the optimal and reliable Nuclear RDE Fuel Handling System design so that pebble fuel can fill the reactor core, circulate, can be detected its burning fraction with certainty. The optimal process design is based on mass and energy balance calculations on the use of selected components, determining the dimensions and piping materials, and determining the main components of the system. To obtain the design of Power Supply System on RDE Fuel Handling System which is optimal and reliable, then the power flow analysis is analyzed. In order to know the performance of electric power system that flows in the system of RDE fuel handling the research flow of power so that the flow of active and reactive power and voltage profile of each bus in the system can be known. Power flow simulation is done using Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) software. Power flow calculation is done using Newton- Raphson method. The results showed an active power flow from a PC-1 bus of 56 kW and a 28 kVAR reactive power while the active power flow in the control system was 2 kVA, and a reactive power of 0 kVAR, a compressor-1 and a compressor-2 of 21,141 kW and a 14 kVAR reactive power flow. The voltage drop that occurs on the PC-1 bus is 0.25% of the normal voltage of 0.380 kV the voltage decreases to 0.379 kV, whereas in the fuel handling bus is 0.46% of the normal voltage of 0.380 kV the voltage decreases to 0.378 kV.

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