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CalcuYield: A Novel Android-Based Software for Radioactivity Yield Calculations


Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd
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Calculations for predicting the radioactivity yields of radionuclides resulting from an accelerator-based nuclear reaction are necessary for the purpose of evaluation and optimization of irradiation parameters. Moreover, computerized calculations are also needed for time efficiency and avoiding the occurrence of human errors. In this work, for the first time, we have built and developed an Android-based-software (called CalcuYield) to calculate the End of Bombardment (EOB)-yields applicable for cyclotron-based radionuclide production. The calculations benefited from the yield equation by employing the cross-section values of the TALYS-2017 nuclear data library and the stopping power values derived from the SRIM 2013 software. Some experimental data were used to compare and verify the calculated results. It was found that the CalcuYield calculated results agreed with the experimental data with an average error of less than 10%. The CalcuYield is, therefore, well applicable for the EOB yield prediction in cyclotron-based radionuclide production. The CalcuYield was also found to be able to run in android-based devices.

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