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Utilization of HTGR for phosphate fertilizer production and uranium recovery

Djati H Salimy, DHS and Abdul Hafid, AH and Sriyono, Sriyono (2019) Utilization of HTGR for phosphate fertilizer production and uranium recovery. In: Seminar SENTEN 2018 Palembang, 4 - 5 Juli 2018, UNIVERSITAS SRIWIJAYA - PALEMBANG 2018.

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Abstract A study of the utilization of HTGR for phosphate fertilizer production and uranium has been carried out. The objective of the study is to understand the high temperature nuclear reactor applications to explore and process phosphate rocks into phosphate fertilizers with additional uranium products that can be used for the reactor fuel itself. The method used in this study is literatures studies, and analysis of previous research. The mining and processing of phosphate rock mines utilizing HTGR will benefit from two sides. First, phosphate fertilizer products are useful to improve agricultural products. Second, the uranium b y-product of phosphate rocks is often referred to as unconventional uranium resources. Studies conducted abroad indicate that HTR 3x50MW is able to provide energy to be integrated to run the production process of phosphate fertilizers, and uranium. Factory units coupled with cement and sulfuric acid indicate the need for fossil fuels. In the study, an energy balance analysis was performed on the equivalent electrical energy required. With electricity production of 407 GWh/year from HTR 3x50 MW and 72 GWh/year of cogeneration of sulfuric acid plant, it can be used to run fertilizer, uranium and cement production units. Excess energy of 98 GWh/year can be connected to the power grid. In the paper also discussed if the hydrogen nuclear system can be realized, this system can be the backbone of the chemical industry because it can provide electrical energy, hydrogen, and heat energy simultaneously. With such models it is estimated to be able to save the use of fossil fuels that have an impact on emissions reduction with a very significant. Djati H Salimy, Abdul Hafid and Sriyono

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