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Study On The Mechanism of CO2 Adsorption Process on zeolite 5A as a Molecular Sieve In RDE System: An Infrared Investigation

Rahayu Kusumastuti, RK and Sriyono, SR and M. Pancoko, MP and Sofia Loren Butarbutar, SLBB and Guntur Eko Putra, GEP and Hendro Tjahjono, HT (2019) Study On The Mechanism of CO2 Adsorption Process on zeolite 5A as a Molecular Sieve In RDE System: An Infrared Investigation. In: Seminar SENTEN Palembang 2018, 4 - 5 Juli 2018, UNIVERSITAS SRIWIJAYA - PALEMBANG 2018.

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Abstract BATAN has a plan to build an Experimental Power Reactor which is called RDE. RDE10 is designed based on HTGR technology. The main safety systems applied in the RDE are inherent safety. One of the systems in the RDE is the helium purification system. The helium purification system has a function to maintain the helium quality of the experimental power plant cooling in accordance with requirements. The problem in RDE system is there some the impurity gas into reactor coolant occurs because of water ingress and air ingress. One of impurities that may exist in the RDE system is the presence of CO2. The presence of impurities in the coolant will threaten the material integrity of the system structures and reactor components thus disrupting the safety and reliability of the operation. Therefore a done the study of the process of the mechanism of absorption of co2 by zeolite 5A as molecular sieve and its investigation using FTIR. The results of the study obtained information that the process of absorption of CO2 into zeolite 5A occurs by physisorpsi and chemisorpsi. The molecule will bind to the zeolite surface with the van der waals bond. And by chemisorption, the oxygen in CO2 will bind to Al on the zeolite by forming a covalent bond. The adsorption mechanism in zeolite 5A can be done by using FTIR with functional group analysis. R. Kusumastuti, Sriyono, M. Pancoko, S.L. Butar-Butar, Guntur Eko Putra and Hendro Tjahjono

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Subjects: Keselamatan dan Keamanan Nuklir
Divisions: Pusat Teknologi dan Keselamatan Reaktor Nuklir
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